Send us your requirements and our friendly staff will contact you. We will help you confirm the correct data of your drive. Then we will generate the rendering for you, make sure what do you see is what do you get before we start the custom manufacturing process.

Of course, you can! At PDXX Forged Line. we provide a variety of colors, finishes options, and materials from the blushed face, fine polishing to carbon fiber materials. visit here for the forged wheels finishes. and feel free to make your own color combination!

No problem, our friendly staff will confirm the brake caliper clearance with you, and we will make sure the space is big enough when we do the design of your wheels.

The full manufacturing may take 2-3 weeks after confirmation of the order. We will provide you with photos of your newborn wheels as soon as the production is completed. Please note that the special finish and wheel design may need extra time for the custom production.

Our custom forged wheels are delivered directly to you from our world-class factories in Asia, and we provide you the shipping solutions in various ways including air and sea transportation to your doorstep. safe and quick. you can find more information about shipping from here.


We pour our hearts and souls into each canvas to create an iconic design. PDXX forged line are the perfect blend of beauty and purpose. With over 10 years of industry experience, we’ve seen what’s been offered and what you’ve been looking for. We create what no one else has. PDXX Wheels Melbourne, Australia T:1300 321 998 (Australia)