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Milled from the highest quality, TUV rated, forged 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum, the PDXX Forged Line 1-Piece Series is the definition of lightweight track-ready forged wheels.

Each wheelset is tailored to be the most optimal combination of lightweight forging profiles and surface milling features. The result is a wheelset designed to increase dynamic cornering response, acceleration, and decrease overall stopping distances.

PDXX Forged Line is individually designed and engineered specifically for performance supercars, sedans and SUVs.

Diameters: 16.0” – 24.0”
Widths: 5.5” – 13.0”
Construction: 1-Piece Lightweight Monoblock
Weight Reduction: Pocketing
Finish: Custom (click to view finish options)

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Each individual PDXX Forged Line wheelset is entirely conceived and crafted in our California-based manufacturing facility. Since the beginning,

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Click below to view list of available finish options. Please note: additional finishes available, please contact your PDXX Forged Line representative for more details

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Key product features of our 1, 2 and 3-piece PDXX forged wheels

Billet Aluminum Center Cap

The small details are what differentiates an average design from a masterpiece. Every PDXX forged line center cap is crafted with billet aluminum giving it a solid, weighted feeling with perfect fitment and integration into every PDXX forged design.

Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum

Our Aerospace Grade 6061-T6 raw aluminum forgings guarantee the highest quality / predictable grain structure and are TUV certified. The result is a superior foundation guaranteed to last and a trustworthy component that performs as expected and meets the highest quality standards.

Weight Optimization

All areas of the wheels have additional machining to remove weight without sacrificing durability.Each set of backpad pockets is specifically engineered per application, maximizing the benefits of reducing unsprung mass which result in better handling, braking and acceleration performance.

Gear Cut Knurled Bead Seat

For optimal tire to wheel contact which improves traction.Available for: 1-Piece Monoblock Series